By James Cooley - September 19 2006 tags: betting sport

From the PicksPal review today on Techcrunch there now is a way to show how good you are a predicting sporting outcomes without playing for money. The quote I picked out is "the PicksPal team noticed that a very small percentage of users tend to be correct in their picks significantly more often that they should be statistically". I would just have thought that these people were at one end of the bell curve for those outcomes. PicksPal brands these people as "Genius Picks" and sells you 5 genius picks for $10. One thing is for certain when it comes to staking real money the "Genius Picks" will start to have very unattractive odds at professional bookmakers if they are consistently winning. I'm off to the Listowel Races at the weekend and I'd prefer to send my $10 on something with decent odds. I'd like to know how much real money PicksPal put on the "Genius Picks" - not a lot I'd say as the site makes its money from advertising. Over the long term house always wins.