By James Cooley - September 19 2007 tags: barcampgalway barcamp bnag

BarCampGalway is on next Saturday. Looks like a eclectic lineup with people ready to talk about Rails, Django, Silverlight, the carbon footprint of IT, startups, funding, Internet marketing, social media, Ubuntu, Emacs, Lisp and Gaeilge. That's just for starters. Given the list of attendees I'd imagine you could have a in-depth conversation about anything vaguely related to anything and learn something new. There will also be three panels to get the crowd going.

It's completely free and you get lunch and most probably beer.

The whole thing is ad-hoc but it works really well. I was at Barcamps in Cork, Waterford and Dublin and they were all good days. He's a clip about Barcamp San Francisco to set the mood.

More on the wiki and BarCamp Galway. Hope to see you there.