BarCampIreland was a great success and I got a lot out of it. The user generated postit schedule worked surprisingly well. I enjoyed the informal chats around the edges the most and it's kind of what a university should be like. I got to discuss online profiling from a business and business ethics perspective. Google started out with a "don't be evil" motto that has landed them in controversy and I think it will only get worse as the public perception of online privacy is challenged again and again. Vincent came to the rescue with an interesting example of a truly ethical business. makes $25M a year in the music industry without ripping people off. It's a great long tail story (cdbaby podcast). Simon put a lot of privacy issues in context from a legal and living in Ireland/EU perspective. Brian made an interesting parallel between the SDLP's focus on human rights a generation back and the awareness that seems to be lacking about digital rights today. Free software, citizenship, making money, ethical business, online communities, dropping €35K on a startup - great topics, great day.