By James Cooley - September 15 2007 tags: bbc drm rugby

After the England 0-36 South Africa result I tried to watch an interview on

Unfortunately I got the following :


No such DRM safe haven for Ireland rugby coach Eddie O'Sullivan's (cat melodian) performances outside of Ireland. RTÉ did take the more extreme precaution of making sure that games would not be broadcast on national terrestrial TV in the Republic. I'm sure our association football coach, Steve Staunton, would have appreciated a similar gesture while he learns his management trade on the job.

In case you missed it, here's the Nob Nation where Eamo rants about failures in Irish soccer, rugby and politics and has a go at TV3's coverage of the Rugby World Cup

PS - if you're based in the UK, in the spirit of good neighborliness, please return the favor and pretend you can't listen to the clip above.

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