By James Cooley - August 11 2006 tags: freemind

Like a lot of people I need a todo list manager. Google calendar doesn't have one yet but there is a Google Calendar todo list Greasemonkey script but it currently keep a separate copy of the todo's with each Firefox instance. There are lots of todo list options out there and I thought Mozilla calendar had promise but it's alpha and hasn't moved along much at all. I had been using the mind-mapping tool FreeMind as part of my research and although it isn't pitched for this purpose I figured why not use it as a todo list manager. You can export to JPEG, PNG, HTML, use the applet, etc. so it's no problem to have a copy online if you don't have FreeMind (Java, etc.) installed on a remote box. I like to keep completed tasks but I don't want to have too much clutter so I figure I could just copy the nodes to a completedTasks mind map file so I can keep a record of what happened. So Google calendar with FreeMind for todos should get me just a little more organized.