By James Cooley - December 22 2006 tags: galway music

Went to see The Stunning last night at the Forum in Waterford. Good gig that took a while to get going even thought they played to a packed audience of die-hard fans. They opened with "Everything that rises" - it has the line "I'm amazed I let it slip away" if you're not a fan. They closed on a high with "brewing up a storm". The said their influences were country music, soul with a bit of the clash which was a surprise to me. I didn't pick up on the country influence before but they played Jackson which isn't what I'd consider a typical country song - more like the blues brothers in rawhide mode. As a Galway-based band they were in semi-retirement when I was a postgrad there but I did see one of their last gigs in Salthill. I did see a lot of Love Biscuit when I was there - I hope they have a reunion when I get back. "I'm amazed I let it slip away" sort of sums up The Stunning for me. They had moderate success where much less talented bands when on to bigger things. Sometimes it's more satisfying if when music you follow doesn't go mainstream - Tom Waits being a great example.