By James Cooley - July 21 2006 tags: business

So you want to start a company, do your own thing and make billions. All you need to do is get enough people to use your site as they make a purchasing decision and you're there. Advertisers seem to be getting positive results from the pay-per-click model and it will be interesting to see how the pay-per-action model plays out. The only problem is that the competition is pretty tought and well funded. Google's advertising machine continues to make analysts happy with profits and revenues rocket - The Internet search leader said its net profit for the April-June period came to $721m, compared to $343m in the same quarter of 2005. Wired classes Google as a second-generation search engine and goes on to tell us that third-generation search technologies are designed to combine the scalability of existing internet search engines with new and improved relevancy models; they bring into the equation user preferences, collaboration, collective intelligence, a rich user experience, and many other specialized capabilities that make information more productive. Examples: Swicki, Rollyo, Clusty, Wink, Lexxe.