By James Cooley - July 07 2006 tags: london

Last year I was working for RBS at Bishospgate when the attacks happened. Mobile phone coverage died (or was restricted) completely so it was impossible to get hold of family and friends when you wanted to most. Most Internet news sites stopped responding but Yahoo! News was one of the few websites that could handle the traffic. You get a lot of false alarms in London so you don't expect the worst when the first vague reports come out. First, it was reported as an accident on the tube but later the reality became clear. My friends take thousands of different combinations of tube, train and bus journeys to get to work so you know lots of people who could have been in the wrong place - luckily everyone was ok. I got a lot of txts and emails from friends living outside London wondering how I was. One image that stays with me was a brilliant black and white shot of a hand written message saying "We're Still Here" on flickr. We were told to go home when the police said it was "relatively" safe to do so. I walked from Liverpool Street to Waterloo with the millions of others wondering what would happen next. Our thoughts are with the family of the people who died and were injured by the events of 7/7 last year.