By James Cooley - July 08 2006 tags: hardware tv

I installed MediaPortal the GPLed Media Center for Windows. It recognised the Hauppauge PVR 350 card but it only managed to tune in a couple of channles and it won't start at all today so I won't be using it yet. It's a 0.2.0 release so it will probably get there eventually. It's written in C# so it did require me to download around 200M of dotNet 2.0 and DirectX 9c. I I had looked at installing FreeVo a media centre for Linux written in Python but my TV card is in a Windows PC at the moment - I use the less than exciting Hauppauge WinTV application to use it. It would be an interesting project to port FreeVo to IronPython (the dotNet VM for Python) and use MediaPortal's plugins for the TV Cards.

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