By James Cooley - June 22 2007 tags: google ads business drm netvibes

There's very interesting news today with the announcement of 500 Netvibes Universes Available. You could have written off Netvibes as an interesting footnote in the rise of iGoogle - Google's personal portal product. But Google's success comes at the cost of alienating big media companies. Google's CEO said that in the fight against DRM was impossible for Google as the First Law of the Internet states that whatever you do to stop them "the end users eventually win".

Netvibes already has neatly packaged all the free content out there. What the Universe packaging does is give media companies access to mix and match the best of this Internet content from inside their walled garden (aka Universe). Netvibes has signed up CBS, CNN and other media companies. The Beyonce Official Netvibes Universe and others will help boost subscriber numbers outside of its core technical audience. I think this is an interesting challenge for Google in the easy come, easy go nature of Internet success. Could tiny little ($15M) Netvibes become the magazine rack of the Internet?