By James Cooley - September 07 2013 tags: development design git cloud static

I'm a hacker so I'll probably never use a mainstream blogging engine which probably explains why this blog has been offline for over three years :) This new site completely static, no moving parts, so it should be simple and cheap to test and keep running somewhere like github. Static blogs can be pretty cool and posts like Jake's XKCD Plots in Matplotlib really are outstanding so I don't think static means it has to be basic.

The big differences to starting a blog in 2006 are adding support for mobile and choosing from the cloud hosting options. Cross-platform web development is a real challenge but a mobile-first approach can help to simplify the design approach.

I'm using Pelican with a Bootstrap theme which seems to work well across desktop and mobile clients. I'm hosting on Google's Appengine as it's pretty much free for static sites.