By James Cooley - July 08 2008 tags: ireland

Back in the good old days when flight was faintly pleasurable you could always rely on Aer Lingus to wheel out the complimentary jolly-trolly with free drinks and snacks. Ryanair ended all that and famously banned staff from charging phones at work.

Now there's a very strange case in Ireland where Ryanair sues website firm over alleged copying of flight details. More on this from TJ McIntyre. One claim seems particularly bizarre:

It also claims that Bravofly has established and maintains hypertext links from its websites to the Ryanair website, without Ryanair's authorisation.

The flights seem to be a small part of the problem the real reason seems to be that Ryanair's website is only partly about selling tickets and is mostly :

a platform for the advertising and sale of third-party goods and services.
Let's see whether or not the court decides if we can miss out on a chance to loose money at the Ryanair Casino.

Could Internet users looking for a more pleasurable flight booking experience really be eating Michael O'Leary's lunch?