By James Cooley - October 16 2006 tags: waterford

My move to google news reader had meant I am able to read vastly more news than before. For the first time I can read the stream of consciousness that is irish blogs without giving up after the first 50 entries. One thing I took from the stream was a post about a regional promotion site - "the report and website confirm one thing; it'™s impossible to make Waterford interesting". To be fair for most people working in larger cities like London and New York by the time you've finished your commute you're probably as happy to so unwind at home as to head for the busy tourist centers. Telling stories has impact and blogs are a good way to do that. Ireland's most celebrated blogger, Twenty Major, is based in Dublin but could certainly end up on a bus to Waterford if given the right package. Websites are a hard way of promoting anything so maybe next time spend €10 to get Waterford the Twenty treatment.